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Decision 2012: Regrets, they had a few (or didn't)

Lois Romano writes of delusion in the 2012 campaign, including Stu Stevens thinking the Jeep ad helped them, that the Clint Eastwood speech was not a “big deal.” He also said he found it “very, very difficult” working with large media organizations to put on debates and that they shouldn’t be sponsoring them. Oh, it was Sandy’s fault, too.

The Obama campaign, meanwhile, didn’t realize it needed the help of Super PACs and thought not engaging in the first debate would have been a good idea.

This is all it costs apparently for status quo… “Campaign finance filings with the government now show that the cost of the 2012 U.S. presidential race has surpassed $2 billion, a new record,” AP writes.

“After vowing not to spend any money on behalf of Todd Akin's U.S. Senate bid, national Republicans pumped $760,000 into the Show-Me State just a few days before voters went to the polls,” Gannettwrites. “New campaign finance filings show that the National Republican Senatorial Committee sent $360,000 to the Missouri Republican Party's federal campaign committee on Nov. 1. And the NRSC —which is charged with electing GOP candidates to the Senate — sent another $400,000 on Nov. 2.”

PoliticalWire: “Mitt Romney's presidential campaign had $25.7 million left in the bank days after the Nov. 6 presidential election, Reuters reports.”