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O'Malley touts same-sex marriage - with signing photo and 'contribute' button

O'Say Can You See PAC

Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley's PAC sent out this photo to supporters of him signing a proclamation certifying the 2012 election results. That includes a ballot initiative that passed making same-sex marriage legal in the state.


Oh say, you can see the 2016 election. 

Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley (D) sent out a letter through his “O’Say Can You See PAC” (yes, that is its real name) touting his signing of a proclamation certifying the 2012 election results.

“This means that Maryland courthouses can now issue licenses to same-sex couples to get married starting in January 2013,” O’Malley writes.

Following that is a large photo of O’Malley signing in his office.

He adds, “After months of hard work, we came together to pass a bill that treats everyone fairly and equally under the law while protecting religious freedom. We then became the first state ever to defend marriage equality at the ballot box. We still face tremendous challenges as a nation, but it is my sincere hope that we can come together to meet those challenges with greater respect for the dignity of every individual. Maryland, let's continue to move forward.”

“Forward” was President Obama’s 2012 campaign slogan. And there’s a big, red “contribute” button at the bottom of the email.

O'Malley's term as governor is up in January 2015. He is thought to be mulling a bid for president in 2016.