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*** Tuesday’s “The Daily Rundown” line-up: Sen. Johnny Isakson, R-GA, on finding a fiscal deal… NBC’s Jim Miklaszewski on concerns over the prospect of chemical weapons in Syria and Iran’s claim to have captured a U.S. drone… The Cook Political Report’s David Wasserman with a deep dive into the voting numbers that drove President Obama’s victory… More on today’s disability treaty debate in the Senate and the festering fiscal cliff clash with Democratic pollster Margie Omero, the Rothenberg Report/Roll Call’s Nathan Gonzales and Heritage Action’s Tripp Baird.

*** Tuesday’s “MSNBC Live with Thomas Roberts” line-up: MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts interviews Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA), National Journal Hotline’s Reid Wilson and DailyBeast Contributor Allison Samuels.  Today’s Power Panel includes: USA Today’s Jackie Kucinich, Democratic strategist Morris Reid, and Republican strategist Alfonso Aguilar.

*** Tuesday’s “NOW with Alex Wagner” line-up: Alex Wagner’s guests include Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist, the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein, Jon Meacham, Author, “Thomas Jefferson,” The New York Times’ Frank Bruni, theGrio.com Managing Editor Joy Reid, and Salon.com’s Irin Carmon

*** Tuesday’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports” line-up: NBC’s Andrea Mitchell interviews Sen. Kent Conrad, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Washington Post's Chris Cillizza, former Middle East negotiator Aaron David Miller, and former Sen. Judd Gregg.

*** Tuesday’s “News Nation with Tamron Hall” line-up: MSNBC’s Tamron Hall interviews Rep Adam Schiff (D-CA), Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin and Delaware Gov. Jack Markell (who meet with the president today), Politico’s Lois Romano, Daily Beast contributor and “No Labels” co-founder Mark McKinnon, and Democratic strategist Chris Koffinis.