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2012: Romney rejoins Marriott

Mitt Romney’s rejoining the board of Marriott.

Romney had three of the top “memes” in online searches, and none of them were good.

What happens to Super PACs when the election is over? Now, they’re trying to influence the fiscal cliff negotiations and lobby. “The National Association of Realtors is among a slew of groups clamoring to be heard in the negotiations to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff of across-the-board spending cuts mandated by Congress in 2011 and the scheduled expiration of George W. Bush-era tax cuts,” USA Today writes. “Like the Realtors, a growing number of groups racing to shape policy in the year-end talks and in the new Congress that will convene in January are armed with super PACs that can raise and spend unlimited amounts of money to influence the debate and run ads praising or criticizing lawmakers.”