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Romney: 'Bit of a shock'

While Paul Ryan called it a “bit of a shock” that he and Romney lost, Obama “won fair and square. He got more votes, and that’s the way our system works, and so he ought to be congratulated for that.’’

But Ryan said Obama’s victory was not a “mandate.” "I don't think so,” Ryan said, “because they also reelected the House Republicans. So whether people intended or not, we've got divided government. This is a very close election, and unfortunately divided government didn't work very well the last two years. We're gonna have to make sure it works in the next two years.”

(Actually, Republicans suffered losses at all levels last week – Democrats picked up not just two Senate seats, but also expect to net seven seats in the House, Ryan’s chamber.)

“Texas Gov. Rick Perry won’t be joining the roughly 77,000 people who have signed a petition calling on the White House to allow his state to secede from the Union,” the New York Daily News writes. “Perry has famously joked in the past about his state breaking away from the United States of America, but his spokesperson said he doesn’t approve of the Internet campaign that has swelled to include secession petitions for more than 35 states.”

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