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Biden says election results show 'mandate' for Obama on taxes


ABOARD AIR FORCE TWO - Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday's election results showed "a clear sort of mandate" in favor of Democratic tax policies advocated by President Barack Obama throughout the campaign this year.

Following a decisive Electoral College victory, Biden suggested Republicans would take some time to engage in "soul searching" on issues like immigration and fiscal policy.

Matt Rourke / AP

Vice President Joe Biden, accompanied by his son Beau Biden, his wife, Hallie and their daughter Natalie, stands in line to cast his ballot at Alexis I. duPont High School, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012, in Greenville, Del.

"Barack's re-elected, so this sort of cause to keep a second term from happening is done," Biden told reporters aboard Air Force Two. "He's there for four years. So ... I hope there's going to be some real soul-searching about, on Republican Party, about what they're willing to cooperate on."

Biden said there is "all kinds of potential to be able to compromise" on the looming fiscal cliff but argued that the election results showed "a clear sort of Mandate about people coming much closer to our view about how to deal with tax policy." 

Saying that the GOP ticket's defeat among minority groups should serve as "a wake up call" to Republicans on immigration reform, Biden said the time is ripe for compromise.

"I feel very optimistic about, in my view, immigration reform," he added. "Because as we talked about with most of the Hispanic communities I spoke with over the last month, it played a major role [in Romney's defeat.]"

Speaking at the RNC election night headquarters, House Speaker John Boehner says, the renewing of House Republican majority, shows "that there is no mandate for raising tax rates."

Biden, who predicted the strong electoral victory for Democrats, conceded that he did not expect the race to be called as quickly as it was last night.

"It was much earlier than at least I thought we'd know what the outcome was," he said. "It felt good."