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With a nod to past - and maybe future - Biden votes

GREENVILLE, Del. -- Saying that "it's always a kick" to vote on a ballot that bears his name, Vice President Joe Biden made his political picks Tuesday in his home state of Delaware.

Matt Rourke / AP

Vice President Joe Biden, accompanied by his son Beau Biden, his wife, Hallie and their daughter Natalie, stands in line to cast his ballot at Alexis I. duPont High School, Tuesday, Nov. 6, 2012, in Greenville, Del.

Outside his polling place at Alexis I. duPont High School, Biden told reporters that this is the eighth time he has run statewide and urged all Americans to exercise the "honor" of voting.

Asked if today's vote for the Obama-Biden ticket would be the last time he votes for himself, he grinned widely and replied "no, I don't think so."

The vice president was accompanied by his wife, his son Beau and daughter-in-law, and granddaughter Natalie. Biden joked to Natalie, 7, that she should make sure to keep him in mind if she votes. But, he noted with mock penitence, "I'm not supposed to be campaigning" inside the polling place, per federal law.

Biden travels tonight to Chicago, where he and the president will await election results.