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Obama: 'It's out of my hands now; it's in yours'

NBC’s Shawna Thomas covers Obama’s final rally in Des Moines last night. “For the final campaign event of the 2012 cycle, President Barack Obama returned to where his bid for presidency began. At a rally downtown here, against the backdrop of the capital, the president and first lady Michelle Obama took the crowd back four years ago, when they were campaigning at the state fair and celebrating the birthday of one of their daughters. ‘Tomorrow we get the chance to finish what we started in Iowa,’ the first lady said before introducing her husband. Talking about those early days in Iowa, the president appeared emotional as he started by thanking the volunteers gathered. ‘All of you who have lived and breathed the hard work of change, I want to thank you,’ Obama said.”

More: "It’s out of my hands now,” Obama said. “It’s in yours. All of it depends on what you do.”