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Michelle Obama to Floridians: 'Don't let anybody push you out of line'


ORLANDO, Fla. – Declaring "we are going to get this done," an emotional Michelle Obama rallied a central Florida crowd Monday night, telling supporters on the eve of the election that it's "all on the line" Tuesday. 

 "Your president is nowhere near satisfied," she said, making the pitch for a second term for her husband, President Barack Obama. 

The first lady has maintained a busy schedule visiting key swing states since the Democrats' national convention in Charlotte, N.C., in September.

Here in an Orlando park, she made her final solo campaign appearance of the 2012 cycle.

"Together, slowly but surely, we have been pulling ourselves out of that hole that we started in," Obama said, casting her husband's first term in office as a difficult but productive road to economic recovery.

Though she didn't mention Republican nominee Mitt Romney, she warned against moving backward, touting her husband's overhaul of the health care system and regulation of the financial industry.

The campaign estimated the crowd at 2,600. The decision to hold the first lady's final rally here in Central Florida is no doubt tied to the campaign's strategy to win the state's 29 electoral votes.

Both the Obama and Romney campaigns have poured tens of millions into advertising in the Sunshine State, hoping to win the so-called "I-4 corridor," a key part of the Florida puzzle.

Obama was joined on stage Monday by Sen. Bill Nelson and Puerto Rican-born performer Ricky Martin.

Nelson, who is leading in polls against his Republican challenger, U.S. Rep. Connie Mack, made a pitch for support in Spanish.

Almost 4.5 million people in Florida have already cast ballots, taking advantage of early and absentee voting opportunities here. The latest data from the Florida Secretary of State's office shows that Democrats have cast 1,915,630 votes – giving them a lead against Republicans, who have cast 1,747,977 votes.

But Michelle Obama warned that the president needs every vote he can get.

"Don't let anybody push you out of line," the first lady said, telling those who haven't voted yet to get to the polls early. "Don't let any delays deter you."

Michelle Obama was scheduled to appear later Monday with her husband in Des Moines, Iowa.