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Ohio supporters give Romneys emotional farewell


COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ten thousand cheering supporters offered an emotional send-off for Mitt and Ann Romney on Monday night, as the Republican nominee held his final Buckeye state rally in an enormous airport hangar here.

"This is amazing," Romney could be seen saying to his wife as the couple took the stage. Ann Romney, ever her husband's more emotive half, was visibly affected by the crowd's welcome.

"I am just so moved," Ann Romney said. "It’s so emotional to be here and have this kind of reception from Ohio, a state that is going to make the next president of the United States."

Ohio may do just that on Tuesday, with campaign advisers and analysts from both parties predicting that as goes Ohio, so goes the White House. Most public polls show Romney trailing the president here by several points.

Both candidates campaigned here Monday, and Romney will return Tuesday to visit a campaign office in Cleveland to inspire volunteers and staff and to promote the Republican get-out-the-vote effort.

"You know, what makes this rally and all your work so inspiring is that you are here because you care about America. This campaign is about America and the future we are going to leave to our children," Romney said. "We thank you, and we ask you to stay at it all the way until victory on Tuesday night is clear!”