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Hecklers interrupt Obama's Cincinnati rally

Larry Downing / Reuters

President Obama is interrupted by an anti-abortion protester as he speaks at a campaign event at Fifth Third Arena at the University of Cincinnati, Nov. 4.


CINCINNATI, OHIO -- As President Obama tried to maximize the precious few stops he has left in crucial Ohio, his rally here Sunday night was full of musical interludes, but not without a few interruptions.

Taking the stage at the University of Cincinnati shortly after R+B superstar Stevie Wonder warmed up the crowd, the president was sidetracked by a lone protestor up in the rafters, who held a sign and yelled, his words loud but hard to make out.

“I guess y’all are still fired up,” Obama said as the crowd began a counter-chant of “four more years!” attempting to drown the heckler out.

At first the president tried to soldier through and deliver his remarks over the protestor, but he finally gave in as the crowd cheered on state troopers who pried the man away from the balcony bars he had grabbed onto.

Pablo Martinez Monsivais / AP

President Barack Obama reaches over to greet supporters before speaking at in Cincinnati.

But it wasn’t over yet – there was still one more protestor who had to be removed from the arena.

“It’s okay folks. Everybody, it’s okay. We’re good,” Obama said before once again giving up until the cheering and shouting subsided.

Despite the dissonance at the beginning of his remarks, the rest of the president’s event was much more harmonious, given that Wonder played the president offstage to “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” – an Obama campaign favorite.

As the band struck up the first recognizable chords of the song, most of the 13,500 audience members started to dance and clap along.

Not even the president could resist – he was seen shuffling back and forth, modestly clapping to the beat.

After his event in Cincinnati, the president headed to Aurora, Colorado, where he would be joined by singer/songwriter Dave Matthews.