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Obama aide explains 'voting is best revenge' comment

MENTOR, OH - A day after President Obama’s “voting is the best revenge” comment became the latest object of GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s ire, Obama campaign press secretary Jen Psaki sought to explain the context of the remark.

“The message he was sending,” she said, answering a question about it while traveling to Mentor, Ohio, with reporters on Air Force One, “is if you don’t like the policies, if you don’t like the plan that Gov. Romney is putting forward, if you think that’s a bad deal for the middle class, then you can go to the voting booth and cast your ballot. It’s nothing more complicated than that.”

President Obama continued his tour through Ohio with a campaign stop in Springfield, Oh., where he continued to criticize Governor Romney for running deceptive Jeep ads saying "This is not a game, these are people's jobs."

Obama’s offhand comment came Friday during a campaign rally in Springfield, Ohio, as supporters booed the mention of Romney’s name.

“Don't boo. Vote,” Obama said first, using a line that has become standard for him on the stump. “Voting's the best revenge,” he continued.

Earlier Saturday, Romney condemned the comment as overly negative, telling a crowd in Newington, N.H., that he thought it “surprised a lot of people.”

“Vote for revenge? Let me tell you what I’d like to tell you: Vote for love of country,” Romney said to cheers.