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Downballot: Dead-even in Mass.

CONNECTICUT: The Danbury News Times calls a new Linda McMahon (R) ad “desperate and dishonest.” The ad calls for voters to split their votes between her and President Obama.

MASSACHUSETTS: A Boston Globe poll has the Senate race knotted at 47% between Elizabeth Warren and Scott Brown. Last month, Warren led 43-38%.

Because of the hurricane, Brown and Warren canceled their final debate tonight.

MISSOURI: Claire McCaskill’s mother passed away yesterday. 

MONTANA: “The League of Conservation Voters (LCV) said Monday it had nothing to do with a $500,000 TV spot that advocated for Libertarian candidate Dan Cox,” The Hill writes. “The advertisement slams GOP candidate Rep. Denny Rehberg, who is challenging Tester.” More: “ ‘We've only supported Montana Hunters and Anglers to do work supporting Tester or opposing Rehberg, and we obviously don't support Cox. We've never given Montana Hunters and Anglers a dime to run any TV ads supporting anyone other than Tester. So nothing really to say about this specific ad,’ LCV spokesman Jeff Gohringer told The Hill in a Monday email.”

PENNSYLVANIA: “National Republicans are spending $500,000 on the Pennsylvania Senate race as polls show a closer contest between Democratic Sen. Bob Casey and Republican Tom Smith, a wealthy tea party candidate who has invested more than $16 million into his bid,” the Washington Post wrote.

Casey led 49-42% in the Philadelphia Inquirer poll. 

VIRGINIA: The Virginian-Pilot looks at how Tim Kaine (D) and George Allen (R) differ on energy.

Kaine led 51-44% in the most recent Washington Post poll.