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Obama: Putting on the president hat

“President Obama focused on preparations for a massive storm on Sunday, stepping off the campaign trail just nine days before the election,” The Boston Globe writes. “Obama met with officials from FEMA, after attending church with his daughters, and spoke on a conference call with governors and mayors whose states and cities are likely to be affected by the storm.”

Obama said during a news conference at FEMA: “Anything they need, we will be there. And we’re going to cut through red tape. We’re not going to get bogged down with a lot of rules.”

The AP: “Obama, seeking to project presidential leadership, scraped plans to hold three events in three states Monday with former President Bill Clinton. Instead, Obama was to attend only a morning rally in Florida before returning to Washington to oversee the government’s emergency response.” Obama: “I'm not going to be able to campaign quite as much over the next couple of days.”

“President Obama will skip Monday morning's campaign event in Florida, and return to the White House to monitor the deadly trek of Hurricane Sandy, aides said,” USA Today writes. “Obama flew to Orlando on Sunday night, and had planned to attend a re-election rally at Central Florida University with former President Bill Clinton.”

So now Benghazi’s as bad or worse than Watergate for John McCain on Face The Nation: "You know what, somebody the other day said to me that this is as bad as Watergate. Well, nobody died in Watergate. But this is either a massive cover-up or an incompetence that is not acceptable service to the American people." (via Political Wire.)

In New Orleans, Madonna was booed and people walked out when she told a concert-goers to vote Obama.