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Ryan mocks Obama's 'comic book' agenda pamphlet


BRISTOL, VA – Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan was back in the battleground state of Virginia on Thursday, hammering away at President Barack Obama for lacking a 2nd term agenda.

"Just a couple of days ago he came up with a slick new brochure, you know, with less than two weeks left to say, 'Oh I do actually have an agenda,'" Ryan said.

"It is a slick -- well, comic book -- that was his word,” acknowledging a man in the crowd. "To me, a slick re-packaging of more of the same. And look at what it has gotten us. You see, where we are today is our economy is barely limping along. It is slower than it was last year, last year was slower than the year before."

On Tuesday, President Obama released the "Blueprint for America's Future," which featured proposals for a 2nd term published in millions of glossy pamphlets. The 20-page document came after heavy criticism that Obama hadn't been spending enough time laying out specifics. 

Ryan asked voters here in Bristol to give both he and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney the “moral obligation” to put the Republican agenda in place come Nov. 6.

“The worst thing that could happen, president Obama gets reelected and we have more of the same with a debt crisis. The second worst thing that could happen is we get elected by default without a mandate. This is why we’re asking you to give us the moral authority and the obligation to honor you by putting this agenda in place to get America back on the right track,” Ryan said outside Universal Fibers in Southwest Virginia.

As Ryan returned to Virginia today for two rallies -- the next happening in Charlottesville -- President Barack Obama himself was campaigning just a couple hundred miles away in Richmond during his 48 hour "campaign extravaganza."

Polls are tight in this swing state; the Oct. 11 NBC News-Wall Street Journal-Marist poll showed Romney with a narrow lead over President Obama in the state, 48 percent to 47 percent among likely voters.

Early voting is underway in the state and the GOP VP nominee begged the nearly 1,500 person crowd Thursday to help with voter turnout.

“Virginia, we need your help. Don’t forget, early voting has already started. If you haven’t voted absentee, you can still do it, And go find somebody who thought the hope and change sounded good in 2008 but know it isn’t true now. Get them to vote for us,” he said.

Just before departing for his second event of the day in Charlottesville, Ryan, joined by his wife and three kids, met racecar driver Richard Petty on the tarmac in Blountville, TN and posed for a picture.

“It is a real pleasure to meet you in person,” Ryan said after introducing Petty to his kids as one of the “most famous racecar drivers ever.”