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Biden whips up comedy routine in battleground Ohio


MARION, Ohio -- Vice President Joe Biden assumed the role of jokester-in-chief on Wednesday in Ohio, alternating between a policy lecture and an amateur comedy gig in ridiculing the Republican presidential ticket.

Appearing in Ohio at the end of a three-day trip, Biden's campaign pitch offered comfort and glee for the base and occasional fodder for the opposition.

There was the assurance to a crying baby that Mitt Romney wouldn't win the election. "It's okay. He's not going to get elected," he mock-soothingly announced as a child in the audience wailed. "God, I shouldn't be scaring children like this!"

There was the groaner understandable only to aficionados of Buckeye State geography. Relating that he's traveled from the phonetic "Dayton, Ohio" to "Marion, Ohio," he cracked "I didn't think I was marrying y'all!"

And there was the slip-up quickly picked apart by Republicans familiar with Biden's occasional history of locality-based missteps. Lamenting the political ads he's seen in his travels, he said the commercials were saturating airwaves "here in Iowa." (That prompted a release from Boston offering Team Romney's "Response to Vice President Biden in Iowa ... Uh... Ohio.")

As the closing weeks of the election loom, Biden's speeches have become must-watch fodder for journalists - who often tweet highlights as they watch live video feeds from their offices - and for Biden foes eager to catch one of his famed rhetorical goof-ups.

Biden's rally of over a thousand supporters in a high school gymnasium disappointed neither.

Speaking of Romney and Ryan's tax plans, Biden related a teenage memory of wanting to hang out "on the corner" with troublemaking kids, only to be stopped by his mother's warning.

"She'd look at me and she'd say, 'Joey, if it looks like a duck, and it walks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, it's a duck!'" he declared.

While wasn't entirely clear how Biden transitioned from effective tax rates to poultry, the crowd loved it.

"Man," he concluded. "This is one quackin' duck!"