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Ohio tops all states in ad spending

Ohio has now overtaken Florida as the state that has seen the most money spent on it this presidential election, according to an NBC analysis of data provided by ad-buying firm SMG Delta.

A whopping $177 million has been poured into the Buckeye State in an effort to woo swing voters from Toledo and Dayton to Columbus and Cincinnati. 

Both sides are sprinting to the end of the presidential race with polls still showing a dead heat between the two candidates. On Tuesday, President Obama campaigned in the swing state of Florida while Romney stumped in Las Vegas. NBC's Peter Alexander reports.

Ohio and its mid-sized markets are leaving Florida and its big media markets behind at $174 million. 

Is there any question where the campaigns and outside groups think this election is coming down to?

The position switch happened with ad buys last night and into today. Both sides have really stepped on the gas. This week, spending is at $75 million - SO FAR -- the most by far of any week, and it’s not even close. Last week was No. 2 at $60 million.

Here are the top ad-spending states overall:
1. OH: $177 million
2. FL: $174 million
3. VA: $136 million
4. CO: $76 million
5. NC: $69 million
6. IA: $68 million
7. NV: $53 million
8. WI: $36 million (campaigns didn't come on until week of Sept. 10 and has now passed NH)
9. NH: $33 million 
10. PA: $19 million (hasn't seen real buys since August. Obama camp is on air with small radio buys)
11. MI: $15 million
12. MN: $6 million (some of which is intended for WI markets)