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Biden: Romney 'rushing to agree' with Obama on foreign policy


TOLEDO, Ohio -- Continuing the argument he voiced on network morning news shows today, Vice President Joe Biden said Tuesday that GOP nominee Mitt Romney is vacillating between saber-rattling and dovishness on foreign policy.

"Last night you saw Gov. Romney rushing to agree with President Obama," Biden told a crowd of over a thousand at the University of Toledo, adding a "whoa!" for good measure.

J.D. Pooley / AP

Vice President Joe Biden gestures while speaking during at a campaign rally, Tuesday, Oct. 23, 2012, at The University of Toledo in Toledo, Ohio.

The vice president said he was "stunned and pleased that Gov. Romney had disavowed so many things he's said in the past and acknowledged that the president was right on so many things."

"Some days they go out there and rattle the sabers, some days they are doves carrying olive branches," he added. "The only thing consistent ... about the way they talk about policy is that they are inconsistent."

The argument echoes his comments to NBC's TODAY that he was "surprised" to hear so much agreement from the GOP nominee.

Biden also won cheers from the friendly crowd for knocking the Republican ticket's "foreign policy out of the 80s, a social policy out of the 50s, and an economic policy out of the 20s."

The rally coincided with the Obama campaign's new push to publicize its vision for the next four years, condensed in a glossy packet that awaited the traveling press arriving at the event. Brandishing a copy, Biden conceded that it "sounds so trite to hold up a plan" but that "it's all here" in the 20-page brochure.

Biden's next event today is a joint rally with the president in Dayton.