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2012: Insta-polls again give the debate to Obama

The flash polls gave the debate again to Obama. CNN: Obama 48-40%. CBS of undecideds: Obama 53-23%.

“As Slate’s David Weigel notes, though, the CNN poll also had some results that could cheer Romney supporters. On the question, ‘Do you think Mitt Romney can or cannot handle the responsibilities of Commander-in Chief?’ a majority of voters said yes, 60 percent to 38 percent. It also showed, post-debate, that respondents were more likely to vote for Romney,” National Journal writes.

Latest state polls: NH: Obama 49-41%.

Ron Brownstein: “An array of new national and battleground state polling underscores the critical role that working-class white voters in the upper Midwest are playing as perhaps the last line of defense for President Obama in an election that continues to tilt slightly against him. Several national surveys in recent days have found Obama falling below the critical 40 percent level of support among likely white voters that he'll roughly need to hit to amass a national majority, assuming he matches his 80 percent showing among all minorities from 2008.”