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Biden: 'Romnesia' is a communicable disease

FORT PIERCE, Fla. -- Joining a chorus of Democratic mockery with puns aimed at GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, Vice President Joe Biden warned a Floridian crowd late Friday that "Romnesia" is a communicable disease that also appears to have been contracted by the Republican's running mate.

"The president has a new term for this sort of ability to change your mind so quickly: He calls it 'Romnesia,'" Biden said, echoing the president's new line from a Virginia appearance earlier today. "Boy, I tell you what, I hope y'all don't get Romnesia. It's a bad disease. It's a bad disease and it is contagious."

The crowd guffawed as Biden mock-explained how the illness has spread to Rep. Paul Ryan as well.

"All of sudden Paul Ryan the budget hawk- the guy that introduced a whole budget that already passed ... the House of Representatives," Biden explained. "All of sudden he doesn't remember it. He doesn't remember it. He doesn't remember what it does to the vital programs that mean so much to working people."

The punnery has been met with eye rolls from many Republicans even as Democrats insist the branding of Romney as an indecisive Don Draper will remind independent voters of their distrust for the former Massachusetts governor.

"The latest rhetoric from President Obama and Vice President Biden tells voters everything they need to know about their campaign," said Romney spokesman Ryan Williams. "While the president and vice president desperately resort to the kind of campaign they once denounced, Mitt Romney is focused on getting Americans back to work and delivering a real economic recovery."

While in Florida, Biden also introduced a new prop for his recently unveiled riff on Romney's position on women's rights.

"On Tuesday when Governor Romney was asked a direct question at the last debate whether or not women deserved equal pay for equal work, what was his answer?" he said, brandishing an actual folio. "Binders! he started talking about binders!"