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Romney: Endorsements

Romney picks up an endorsement from the Orlando Sentinel, which backed Obama in ‘08: 

The New York Times: Romney “is expected to tout the endorsement on Friday when he arrives for a campaign visit in Daytona Beach. He will stay in Florida until Monday, when he meets Mr. Obama for the third presidential debate in Boca Raton.”

Lee Iacocca, former CEO of Chrysler, also endorsed Mitt Romney.

“Ann Romney said on Thursday that she did not want her husband, Mitt, the Republican nominee for president, to seek the White House again this year and added that if he loses on Nov. 6, the former Massachusetts governor will retire from politics,” the Boston Globe reports. She said on The View: “He will not run again -- nor will I do anything like that. This was a very hard thing for me to decide to go forward again … for the family to have to go through this. The children have a hard time with it. I have a hard time with it. And yet I felt as though there was something my husband could offer this country that was uniquely his, that he could bring better economic hope and prosperity to women and men and all Americans.”

On Leno in September, she recounted this story: “Four years ago I made a videotape, and on the videotape I looked in the camera and I said, ‘Mitt, this is for you sweetheart. I’m never doing this again.’ I showed it to him and he said, ‘You know Ann, you say that after every pregnancy.’ Which is true!”