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Celebs hit swing state airwaves for Obama


Updated 1:53 p.m. - President Barack Obama is enjoying the help of guest stars in recent TV ads airing in swing states.

The president's re-election campaign released a new ad on Sunday, which aired during some of yesterday's nationally-televised sporting events, featuring actor Morgan Freeman doing voiceover work in a spot about the challenges Obama faced upon taking office.

And on Monday, the Obama campaign released a new ad targeting voters in Ohio, featuring former senator and legendary astronaut John Glenn speaking directly to the camera in support of the president's re-election.

"Growing up in Ohio, you learn to size up a person by their character," Glenn says in the ad. "And that's why I'm supporting President Obama."

The cameos come just 22 days before the election, as the president looks to hold off a potentially resurgent opponent in Mitt Romney, who's making up ground versus Obama after a strong performance in their first debate.

Obama's benefited from celebrity support throughout the campaign, having held a star-studded concert last week in Los Angeles, featuring Katy Perry, Stevie Wonder, Jennifer Hudson, Earth Wind & Fire and Jon Bon Jovi.

Obama is also getting a boost this week from rocker Bruce Springsteen; the boss is campaigning in Cleveland this week alongside another Democratic rock star: former President Bill Clinton.

"This election is a clear choice between two different visions for Ohio and the country. We can have four more years like the last four years, with more policies from President Obama that stifle job growth, hurt energy production, and make it harder for businesses to hire," said Romney spokeswoman Amanda Henneberg. "Or we can choose Mitt Romney, who has a pro-growth vision for the country that will unleash the private sector, utilize our domestic energy resources, and help Ohio – and the rest of the country – experience a real recovery."

Romney has made use of some celebrity support, too. Musician Kid Rock rallied with Paul Ryan last week in Michigan, and, of course, actor Clint Eastwood nearly stole the spotlight from Romney at the Republican National Convention in August with a 15-minute routine with an empty chair meant to represent Obama.

But it's quite another thing to put these celebrities on television in the home stretch of a campaign.

Outside groups are getting in on the celebrity action, too. The liberal group MoveOn.org Political Action released a new ad set to run in Colorado and Virginia featuring actresses Scarlett Johansson, Kerry Washington and Eva Longoria (the last of whom is an official co-chair for the Obama campaign) speaking about reproductive rights.