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Downballot: Tester vs. Rehberg

MONTANA: The Billings Gazette writes up last night’s Tester-vs.-Rehberg debate. “U.S. Rep. Denny Rehberg stuck with his central campaign theme at a Sunday debate, mentioning President Barack Obama early and often as he laid blame on U.S. Sen. Jon Tester for unpopular administration policies. Tester scoffed at Rehberg's attack that the Democrat votes with the president 95 percent of the time as ‘crazy.’ Tester joked that he doesn't even agree with his wife 95 percent of the time.”

More: “Tester's primary attack of the evening was to slam Rehberg for seeking to end funding for women's health care clinics. Rehberg said the move came as part of an effort to end duplicative services, and said he believes low-income women can receive family planning services under Medicare. Tester also blamed Rehberg, who has been in Congress since 2000, for inflating debt with tax cuts, two wars and new prescription drug help for seniors. Rehberg countered that the debt has really ballooned under the current administration.”