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Fireworks continue from Biden at post-debate rally

The day after a vice presidential debate remarkable for its rhetorical pyrotechnics, Joe Biden was still at it. 

Calling opponent Rep. Paul Ryan "a decent guy" for whom he has "great respect," the vice president nonetheless blasted his counterpart's debate remarks on abortion and the "negative" attitude he says the Republican ticket has towards the future of the country. 

"I've never seen two candidates for the highest office in the land who are more negative about this country and its prospects than the people we're running against," Biden said at a campaign rally at the University of Wisconsin, La Crosse. 

The vice president -- who, like Ryan, is Catholic -- took particular aim at Ryan's response to moderator Martha Raddatz's questioning on abortion, accusing his opponent of failing to separate his church's teachings from Americans' rights. 

"Congressman Ryan made it very clear that he and Gov. Romney are prepared to impose their private views on everyone else," he said. "It was made clear last night that they don't believe in protecting a woman's access to health care. It was made very clear that they do not believe a woman has a right to control her own body." 

Biden also knocked Republicans for attempting to block federal funding for Planned Parenthood, "which under law can not perform any abortions." While Planned Parenthood is prohibited from allocating federal funding for abortion, the organization does offer abortion services in addition to contraceptive and preventative health care for women. 

Linking the GOP ticket's domestic policies to Ryan's remarks on the possibility of keeping American soldiers in Afghanistan beyond a hard 2014 deadline, Biden also charged Ryan with changing his views on basic issues day-to-day. 

"When asked, 'do you guarantee you'll get out,?' [Ryan] said, it depends," Biden said as students jeered the Ryan statement. "Like almost everything, it depends. It depends on which day you ask him the question!" 

The Romney camp responded that Biden's message today continued the "dishonest attacks" lobbed by the Obama team yesterday. 

"Just like during last night’s debate, Vice President Biden was unable to describe any vision for the future and used dishonest attacks and distortions to distract from his failed record," wrote Romney spokesman Ryan Williams in a statement. 

Biden — who gently chastised students who booed Ryan's name but noted that "I hardly agree with anything he says" — was Thursday night criticized by some observers for being overly aggressive in the feisty debate. His frequent laughter and exaggerated gestures of incredulity grabbed the attention of seasoned journalists and internet meme-generators alike. 

But the vice president told an audience of hundreds that the boisterous contest merely illustrated the stark differences between the two camps.

"[For] anyone who watched that debate," he said. "I don’t think there’s any doubt that, Congressman Ryan and I and Gov. Romney and the President ... have a fundamentally different vision for America. And quite frankly, a fundamentally different value set."