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2012: Game change

Charlie Cook: “Unquestionably, the Denver debate changed the course of the race enormously. For Romney, it was necessary, but we will have to see if it is sufficient to put him over the finish line first. … There is no question that the debate was a game changer; the questions we still don’t have the answers to are whether it changed the game enough and whether there will be more game changers benefiting either candidate. … Obama’s challenge is to recalibrate his strategy for the next debate. He must be more aggressive, but going too far risks not coming across as presidential. It is a very fine line that he will have to walk.”

The latest polls:

FL: Mason-Dixon has Romney 51-44%.

Obama adviser David Plouffe on the Mason-Dixon result: "It's impossible for us to be at 44 in Florida."

Taegan Goddard wraps some reaction to last night’s debate.