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2012: Today's poll wrap

The latest polls: National: Romney leads in a Fox poll 46-45%. Before the debate, Obama led in the poll 48-43%.

OH: NBC/WSJ/Marist: Obama 51-45%
FL: NBC/WSJ/Marist: Obama 48-47%
VA: NBC/WSJ/Marist: Romney 48-47%, CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac: Obama 51-46%
CO: CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac: Romney 48-47%
WI: CBS/NYT/Quinnipiac: Obama 50-47%
MI: Detroit News: Obama 49-42%.
IL: Chicago Tribune/WGN poll: Obama 55-36%

From the Quinnipiac polls: Voters overwhelmingly thought Romney won the debate last week. Another warning sign for Obama --  in Colorado and Wisconsin is his approval rating is under water. In Colorado, it’s 45/52%; In Wisconsin, it’s 47/49%. He and Romney have problems with trust in Colorado. He gets leadership quality ratings that are above 50% in all three, and particularly high in Virginia with 62% saying he’s shown strong leadership qualities. 

Majorities in all three states don’t think either candidate has clearly explained his specific plans for the next four years, but for Romney, more than 60% in all three states say so. Romney, though, gets better grades on handling of the economy in Colorado and voters are split in Virginia and Wisconsin. And he fares much better than Obama in all three states on handling of the budget deficit. Obama gets better scores on helping the middle class. About two-thirds in all three states support raising taxes on those making more than $250,000 a year. Party ID for the Quinnipiac polls: R+2 in CO, D+3 in VA, D+4 in WI. 

In the Fox poll: “Romney’s edge comes mainly from independents, white voters and men.  Just over half of men (51 percent) back Romney now, the highest level of support he’s received among this group. The poll shows independents side with Romney by 44-32 percent.  That’s a reversal from before the debate when it was 43-39 in Obama’s favor.” Obama also lost support with young voters.

And in a separate story on the poll: “Slim majorities of American voters say the Obama administration has mostly failed to grow the economy and create jobs.  And while a majority says President Obama has mostly succeeded at making America safer, two-thirds of voters are concerned about the administration’s initial false statements on the September 11, 2012 attacks in Libya.”

Chicago Tribune: “In Illinois, a deeper look into the poll numbers shows areas of unease — perhaps not enough to trouble Obama's chances of taking the state's 20 electoral votes on Nov. 6, but of larger concern to Democrats who had hopes of reversing the 11-8 Republican advantage in the state's congressional delegation. The survey found Obama leading 79 percent to 12 percent over Romney in Chicago, with narrower advantages of 57 percent to 34 percent in suburban Cook County and 54 percent to 41 percent in the collar counties. Among voters in the state's remaining 96 counties, Romney led Obama 46 percent to 41 percent. Romney has made gains among white voters this year. In February, whites favored Obama over Romney 48-41. The latest survey shows that group almost evenly split — 46 percent for the former Massachusetts governor and 45 percent for the president.”