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Ryan says he feels 'good' about debate versus Biden


ST. PETERSBURG, FL – Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan says he feels “good” and is “looking forward” to the only VP debate of election, taking place in Kentucky in fewer than 36 hours.

“I am looking forward to giving people a very clear choice,” Ryan told reporters during a quick stop to Old Farmer’s Creamery. “Look, Joe Biden has been on this stage many times, this is my first time so sure it is a nervous situation because Joe Biden is one of the most experienced debaters we’ve had in modern politics. But the Achilles Heel he has is President Obama’s record and I am really looking forward to giving the American people a very clear choice. “

Ryan and Biden are set to square off in Danville, Ky. on Thursday night for a 90-minute debate on issues of both domestic and foreign policy.

While Ryan has debated at least eight times in congressional settings, tomorrow night’s debate will be his first on a national stage.

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The stop Wednesday on the way to the airport to fly to the site of the debate wrapped up Ryan’s two-day stay in Florida where he held more debate prep sessions and meetings with staff. The warm weather was a welcome change for Ryan.

“Its great…I finally got some sun, went outside,” the Wisconsin Congressman told reporters about his trip to the Sunshine State after he ordered two scoops of moose tracks ice cream.

Ryan said he was not upset about what his running mate said Tuesday to the Des Moines Register editorial board. Romney told the newspaper “there’s no legislation with regards to abortion that I’m familiar with that would become part of my agenda.”

“Look, no positions have changed, our position is very consistent,” Ryan responded.

As polls continue to show the race nationally and in key battleground state’s tightening after Romney’s debate performance last week against President Barack Obama, the VP nominee said he doesn’t know how much the his lone debate versus Biden will matter.

“I don’t know but I am sure you guys will debate that one endlessly,” Ryan joked.