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Obama: 'I very much intend to win this election'

“President Barack Obama sounded more determined than he has in weeks Monday night as he told campaign donors unequivocally, ‘I very much intend to win this election,’” the Wall Street Journal writes. Obama said: “We’re only going to do it if everybody is almost obsessive for the next 29 days. … “You need to mobilize every resource that you’ve got to make sure that we bring this home.”

Planned Parenthood’s going after Romney in Colorado. The call him “wrong for women’s health.”

The Obama campaign cut a video focusing on Big Bird.

Levar Burton’s not happy about Romney wanting to cut funding to PBS.

Reuters previews the Biden-Ryan debate: “Democrats are counting on Biden to blunt the momentum of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who has gained ground after a strong debate performance against President Barack Obama last week.” It notes: “Biden and Ryan have shown a greater willingness to mix it up than their buttoned-down bosses, and both seem comfortable playing the traditional vice-presidential role of attack dog.”