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Romney: Focusing on foreign policy

The AP previews Romney’s foreign-policy speech today: “Romney is proposing the U.S. take a more assertive role in Syria, put conditions on aid to Egypt and tighten sanctions on Iran as he looks to use a planned foreign policy address to paint President Barack Obama as a weak leader who has limited America’s influence on global affairs.”

Obama pre-buts Romney’s speech with an ad.

Romney has decided to open up, telling some personal stories on stage. Politico wraps the development here.

Trying to fix his Ohio problem, Romney’s up with a radio ad in Ohio using ex-Ohio Sen./Gov. George Voinovich calling him someone who “got things done by reaching across the aisle.”

Romney “has generated $12 million in online contributions, his campaign said, as well as a surge in volunteers and bigger crowds at his events," the Wall Street Journal writes.

House Speaker John Boehner campaigns for Romney in New Hampshire today.

Priorities USA goes after Romney on education.

Romney leads with military professionals 66-26% over Obama, the commander-in-chief, according to a Military Times poll. But the military has shown an affinity for Republican candidates. In 2008, McCain led 68-23% over Obama with the group. And this may tell you most: “The 3,100 respondents — roughly two-thirds active-duty and one-third reserve component members — are about 80 percent white and 91 percent male.” Notably: “Respondents rated the economy and the candidates’ character as their most important considerations and all but ignored the war in Afghanistan as an issue of concern.”

Over the weekend, the RNC and Romney campaign held a “Super Saturday,” where they say they made nearly 2.5 million voter contacts on a single day.