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Downballot: Bloomberg funding ad for Angus King

ARIZONA: Former President Bill Clinton will campaign Wednesday for Richard Carmona (D) running for the Senate.

“The emergence of Arizona and Connecticut as competitive Senate battlegrounds has reinforced one of the most important themes of this cycle: In a neutral political environment, candidates matter more than ever,” Roll Call writes.

MAINE: “New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is throwing his financial support behind Maine independent Senate candidate Angus King, who is battling a stronger-than-expected challenge from a Republican contender in a race that could help determine control of the Senate,” The Boston Globe writes. “Bloomberg is one of the major backers behind a $500,000 ad campaign that began running on the Maine airwaves on Friday, the group running the ads said. The ads extol King as an independent voice who could help break gridlock in Washington.”

MASSACHUSETTS: Selling out? “Tea party activists are again supporting Republican U.S. Sen. Scott Brown this election, even though many aren’t thrilled with some of his votes over the past two years,” the Boston Globe writes.

A Western New England University poll shows Warren up 50-45%. (H/T: Taegan Goddard.)

MISSOURI: Claire McCaskill’s running an ad statewide hinting at Todd Akin’s “legitimate rape” comments. It focuses on her work as a prosecutor and her belief in giving women the option of emergency contraception after they’ve been raped, something she says Akin’s against.

NEBRASKA: Steve Martin cut weird video for Bob Kerrey.