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Downballot: A Dem bounce

Hotline: “President Obama wasn't the only Democrat to get a bounce out of his party's convention last month. Polls, both public and private, are showing several Democrats in key states like Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Virginia performing better now than they did before Charlotte. Will the bounce last these next 35 days, or will it fade back to virtual ties all around? Answer that question and you'll know who will control the Senate in the 113th Congress. One thing's for sure: Democrats are polling better now than they have all year long.”

Elizabeth Warren is up narrowly in the WBUR poll, 46-44%, over Scott Brown. … Democrat Mazie Hirono leads Republican Linda Lingle in the race for the Hawaii Senate race, 55-39%. … Angus King (I) leads in Maine, 50-28-10% in the three-way race for the Senate.