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2012: Obama continues to lead

Here are the latest polls: National: Fox: Obama 48-43%. State: NBC/WSJ polls in New Hampshire: Obama 51-44%, Nevada: Obama 49-47%, North Carolina: Obama 48-46%; Suffolk in Virginia: Obama 46-44%; Iowa: TIR-Voter/Consumer Research (R): Romney 47-46%; Indiana: Howey/DePauw (conducted by Bellwether/Garin-Hart): Romney 52-40%.

Political Wire: “The most recent Bloomberg poll shows Bush with a 46% to 49% favorable rating as compared to Romney's 43% to 50%.” 

“In what has become a quadrennial ritual, President Obama's and Mitt Romney's aides are doing their best to lower expectations for their bosses' performances at next week's scheduled debate in Denver,” USA Today writes.

Reuters: “President Barack Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney battled to capture the military vote in Virginia on Thursday as they tried to squeeze out an advantage in one of the most tightly contested swing states ahead of the November 6 election.”

Who are undecideds? “Campaign professionals think of undecideds as comprising two distinct groups: one whose members follow the news and have still found cause to withhold their support, and another that has yet to tune in and may not until the debates,” Bloomberg/Business Week writes, adding, “What they share is a deep sense of frustration. … According to research shared with Bloomberg Businessweek by National Media Research, Planning & Placement, which buys TV ads for campaigns, high-turnout swing voters tend to drive Saabs, drink Caffeine-Free Diet Pepsi and Corona Light, listen to adult contemporary music, and watch Turner Classic Movies and The Office. They also have a special fondness for reality TV. ‘In 2010 the research pointed to reality and talent competition programs and shows such as Dancing with the Stars and Pawn Stars,’ says Will Feltus, the company’s senior vice president. ‘Comedies are also good for reaching swing voters. Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men work well.’”