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2012: A slew of new polls

There were a slew of new polls out yesterday. Here’s a wrap of the swing-state polls: Nearly mirroring the NBC/WSJ/Marist polls, FOX polls in Florida, Virginia, and Ohio all show President Obama with a lead – Florida: Obama 49-44%, Virginia: Obama 50-43%, Ohio: Obama 49-42%.

In Michigan, CNN has Obama up 8, 52-44%; In Wisconsin, Marquette Law School has Obama up 14, 54-40%.

“The secretly recorded video of Mitt Romney dissecting the American electorate at a high-priced fundraiser bolsters him among Republicans but makes almost a third of independents less likely to vote for him, a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll finds,” USA Today writes. “The survey, taken Tuesday, finds just over half of independents say the video won't make a difference in their vote. Those who say it will have an effect by 2-1, 29%-15%, say it makes them less likely rather than more likely to support the GOP presidential nominee.” (Of course, be wary of one-day polls. Most people don’t follow the news that closely and it usually takes a few days or a week before information sets in.)

“President Obama and Mitt Romney will spend at least half of their first debate talking about the economy, based on the list of topics released today by moderator Jim Lehrer of PBS,” USA Today notes. “The first debate is Oct. 3 at the University of Denver.”

“President Obama and Mitt Romney will get the 60 Minutes treatment this Sunday in separate interviews with different correspondents,” USA Today writes.

Despite the amplifiers: “For all the efforts by the Romney campaign to court voters like Finkel, Obama's campaign is expressing growing confidence that they have been able to keep Jewish voters,” USA Today writes. “According to the Gallup daily tracking poll between July 1 and Sept. 10, 70% of registered Jewish voters plan to vote for Obama vs. 25% for Romney. In the spring, polls showed Obama up 64%-25% against a generic GOP candidate.”