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2012: Feeling better, but still tight

“Americans are feeling markedly better about the country's future and about Barack Obama's job performance, but the president's re-election race against Republican Mitt Romney remains a neck-and-neck proposition as Election Day creeps ever closer, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll,” AP writes.

There’s a huge gap in the polling between all voters and AP’s likely voter model. Among all voters, Obama’s up 15 points, 52-37%, but among likely voters, it’s just 47-46%.

“A new USA TODAY/Gallup Poll of Swing States, completed Monday night, shows Romney lagging President Obama by only 2 percentage points, 48%-46%, well within the survey's margin of error and a point closer than their contest last month. Nationwide, Obama's bounce from the Democratic National Convention is dissipating: The president now leads across the country in the Gallup Poll by a single point, 47%-46%,” USA Today writes, adding, “The survey also finds more voters open to changing their minds than the conventional wisdom holds — and a surge in enthusiasm by Democrats.”

Political Wire clips the latest battleground polls: “Colorado: Obama 48%, Romney 47% (Qinnipiac/CBS News/NYT); Pennsylvania: Obama 50%, Romney 41% (Morning Call/Muhlenberg); Virginia: Obama 50%, Romney 46% (Qinnipiac/CBS News/NYT)’ Wisconsin: Obama 51%, Romney 45% (Qinnipiac/CBS News/NYT).”

CONNECTICUT: Rep. Chris Murphy leads Linda McMahon 37-33% with a huge undecided number – 29%, according to a University of Connecticut-Hartford Courant poll. (H/T: Political Wire).

MASSACHUSETTS: Another poll shows Elizabeth Warren leading Scott Brown. This one by 5, 47%-42% with leaners, 45-40% without.

WISCONSIN: Tammy Baldwin (D) and Tommy Thompson (R) are tied in Wisconsin, 47-47%, per a Quinnipiac/New York Times/CBS poll.