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Biden holds his tongue on Romney fundraiser comments


OTTUMWA, IA -- Vice President Joe Biden, the man who is often the first to charge into the political fray on President Barack Obama's behalf, held his tongue Tuesday in regard to a controversy involving Mitt Romney.

Asked by reporters to comment on the GOP presidential nominee's surreptitiously recorded comments referencing 47 percent of Americans do not "take personal responsibility" and feel "entitled" to government benefits, Biden said only that he'll let Romney's words "speak for themselves."

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Biden, appearing at a campaign event in swing state Iowa, did not mention today's firestorm over the Romney comments during a 25-minute speech to about 450 supporters, concentrating instead on familiar attacks over the GOP ticket's Medicare and tax proposals.

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The Romney remarks were recorded at a fundraiser earlier this year and leaked to magazine Mother Jones. Late yesterday, the candidate said the sentiment was expressed in an "inartful" way but that he stands by his overall philosophy of smaller government.

Biden next heads to Grinnell, Iowa this afternoon before wrapping up his 2-day tour of the Hawkeye State.