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GOP's Latina problem

NBC Latino: "A new impreMedia/Latino Decisions tracking poll shows Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney has a really big gender gap issue when it comes to Latina voters. According to the poll, Latina voters favor President Obama over Mitt Romney by a 53 point margin – 74 percent to 21 percent. What is more, 88 percent of Latinas say they are certain to vote in November. What is driving these numbers might be answered by one of the key questions of the poll. When asked which party could be more trusted to make the right decisions on issues of concern to women, almost eight out of ten Latinas (78 percent) said the Democrats could be more trusted, versus 13 percent who favored the Republican party. ...

"Hispanic women voters are not just favoring the Democratic candidate; they are favoring the Democratic party. While Romney’s favorability is only 22 percent among Latinas, it is even less for Republicans in Congress – only 20 favorability among Hispanic women."