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Huntsman: 'I support Mitt Romney' (but never talk to him)

As Mitt Romney sharpens his attacks on President Barack Obama's foreign policy, the Romney campaign faces its own backlash on the same front, with some in his own party accusing him of a neoconservative agenda. Former U.S. Ambassador and GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman discusses.


Former GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman re-affirmed his support for Mitt Romney on Friday, saying he plans to vote in November for the Republican presidential nominee.

"I support Mitt Romney," Huntsman, a former Utah governor and ambassador to China for President Barack Obama, told NBC's Andrea Mitchell in an interview this afternoon.

Romney and Huntsman hail from two of the most prominent Mormon political and business families in the country, and have long been considered rivals.

Perhaps underscoring that rivalry, when asked whether he's talked recently with Romney, Huntsman responded: "I don't ever talk to him."