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Romney says he doesn't plan to watch Obama's speech

CONCORD, N.H. -- Count GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney among those not planning to tune in for President Obama's nomination acceptance speech tonight. 

Romney told reporters today he has not been watching the Democratic convention, and didn't plan to start tonight -- unless the president planned to report on promises made in 2008, rather than conduct what Romney referred to as a "promises reset."

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First lady Michelle Obama speaks to NBC's Brian Williams about keeping life balanced for her daughters. She is focused on keeping their lives as normal as possible while allowing them to appreciate their chance to witness history.

"I think this is a time not for him to start restating new promises, but to report on the promises he made. I think he wants a promises reset. We want a report on the promises he made," Romney said after ticking off a list of what he considered to be Obama's broken promises, including tackling the national debt and boosting job creation.

"The president needs to report tonight on his promises, rather than try and reset a whole series of new promises that he also won't be able to keep," he continued.

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The unannounced appearance today by Romney at a veteran's event staged by his campaign -- his second semi-public "drop by" in the battleground Granite State -- included Romney briefly addressing vets gathered to phone bank on his campaign bus. He later talked to a pooled group of reporters and took a handful of questions.

In a new TV ad criticizing President Obama, Mitt Romney's campaign appears to be targeting single women voters who may like the president a great deal but are skeptical if he can deliver the type of change that he was talking about. NBC's David Gregory reports.

Among the questions Romney faced: Why did he choose not to mention the war in Afghanistan during his own acceptance speech last week? Romney parried, saying he addressed the issue the day before, to an albeit much smaller audience, at the American Legion national convention in Indianapolis. 

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And he said the word "Afghanistan" just once in that speech.

Then Romney took a swipe at Obama for not also addressing the group. "The president was also invited to the American legion, and uh, he was too busy to go," Romney said. "It was during my convention. I went to the American Legion, described my views with regards to our military, our commitment to the military -- my commitment to our men and women in uniform."