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Romney camp dismisses Clinton as 'good soldier'

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Despite Bill Clinton's rousing defense of President Obama last night at the Democratic National Convention, the Romney campaign is doubling down on trying to use the former president to its advantage.

In a new video, the campaign dismisses Clinton's endorsement of Obama now as merely him being a "good soldier." It then cuts to video from the hotly contested 2008 primary battle between Hillary Clinton -- Bill's wife -- and Obama, when Clinton said, "Give me a break. This whole thing's the biggest fairy tale I've ever seen."

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It's unclear where or if the ad is running. The campaign did not immediately respond to an email on where the ad may run and rarely shares any guidance on its TV strategy. If it does run, it would be the first TV ad for the Romney campaign in more than a week and comes on the heels of the Romney campaign's $4.5 million TV buy made today and first reported by First Read.

The Romney campaign has been invoking Clinton on the campaign trail and in advertising as a way to draw a wedge between the president and moderate Democratic voters, particularly in the industrial Midwest. 

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But by elevating Clinton and turning him into a fair arbiter, the Romney campaign took a big risk. And last night, Clinton showed he can speak for himself, clearly. 

Here's the script of the ad:

ANNOUNCER: As the economy gets worse, Barack Obama calls on Bill Clinton to help his failing campaign.

CLINTON FROM OBAMA TV AD: “It’s about which candidate is more likely to return us to full employment. 

ANNOUNCER: He’s a good soldier helping his party’s president. But what did Bill Clinton say about Barack Obama in 2008.

CLINTON FROM 2008: “Give me a break. This whole thing’s the biggest fairy tale I’ve ever seen.”

ANNOUNCER: 23 million Americans struggling for work. The middle class falls further behind.

CLINTON VOICE FROM 2008: Give me a break. I’m Mitt Romney, and I approve this message.