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Ale to the chief: White House reveals beer recipe that has Internet abuzz

White House employees are divulging the secret recipes for President Obama's honey porter, honey brown and honey blond ales, allowing cameras into the kitchens to see the process for making the homebrewed beers. NBC's Mike Viqueira reports.

Attention homebrewers, hipsters, and/or independent voters (they hope?): This beer is for you!

After much online buzz, a petition, and a question to the president of the United States by a Reddit user, the Obama White House has released the recipes for its "honey ale" and "honey porter" beers.

For beer buffs, sample ingredients include "1.5 oz Kent Goldings Hop Pellets" in the ale version, and "3 oz chocolate malt (cracked)" in the heavier Porter. Both use honey farmed on a bee-hive on the South Lawn.

Over 12,000 people signed an internet "We the People" petition for the Oval Office to disclose the recipe for the much-buzzed about honey ale. Asked about the beer during a recent chat with Reddit users, the commander-in-chief disclosed that the first alcohol allegedly brewed on the White House grounds is "tasty."

While Obama and GOP VP nominee Paul Ryan have been known to knock back a beer on the trail, neither Republican nominee Mitt Romney nor Obama running mate Joe Biden drink alcohol.

It's been known for years that the Obama's sometimes serve a home-brewed beer at the White House, but now people are hoping to find out what the secret ingredients are. NBC's Kristen Welker reports.