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Romney: Fav/unfav is still upside down

Romney gets just a 40%-51% fav/unfav in the latest Washington Post/ABC poll. Obama was 50%/47%. “Mitt Romney accepts the Republican nomination for president this week with the lowest personal popularity of any major-party nominee in polls dating to Ronald Reagan’s presidency, a difficulty for Romney that’s persisted throughout this election cycle,” ABC writes.

Mike Huckabee to the Daily Beast, per Political Wire: "The sicker the patient, the less important is bedside manner. If you've just been diagnosed with a brain tumor, you honestly don't care if your neurosurgeon is a jerk. You don't care if he has a great personality. You want to know if you're going to cut my head open, can you get the job done?"

Politico: “Many Democrats believe that Romney's decision to inject welfare into the campaign — with a factually inaccurate ad claiming that Obama had reversed Clinton-era work requirements — was an unmistakable, if coded, effort to imply that the first black president stands for handouts for lazy people. Combined with a recent lead-balloon joke by Romney about controversy over Obama's birthplace, Democrats have concluded that Romney is making deliberate appeals to prejudiced whites.

More: “Many Republicans — with years of resentment over how they believe Democrats and the media seek to throw them on the defensive on racial issues — howled that Vice President Joe Biden was exploiting racial fears when he told a majority-black audience in Virginia that the GOP's Wall Street allies want to ‘put you all back in chains.’ All the talk of code words highlights one irony of 2012: Race is proving more toxic as a subtext to the election than it did in 2008, when Obama's status as the first African-American major-party nominee was usually celebrated, even by many Republicans, as a sign of racial progress.”