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GOP convention: Previewing Wednesday night

“Ryan's place in prime time on Wednesday offers him the chance to introduce himself to millions of Americans who are just now starting to tune in to a presidential race that is too close to call with 70 days left until the voting,” Reuters writes. “While Ryan, chairman of the House of Representatives Budget Committee, is well known in Washington, he is little known elsewhere.”

“Condoleezza Rice is back. Nearly four years after leaving the White House, the former secretary of state is injecting herself into the center of the heated 2012 political season. She's raising money for female congressional candidates, dishing endorsements in key races and is poised to become even more involved in Republican politics than at any moment since she left the Bush White House,” Politico says. “Tonight, she'll take on the full glare of the national spotlight with a prime-time speech here at the Republican National Convention. A Rice aide said the former secretary of state would outline her view of American exceptionalism while calling on Republicans to rally around Mitt Romney.”

Town Hall’s Guy Benson reports that Clint Eastwood will be making his way to the convention and might be the mystery speaker.