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Obama: Firing back

Obama shot back against the Romney-Ryan Medicare charges. "Here's what you need to know -- I have strengthened Medicare," Obama said in Iowa. USA Today: “The changes will not hurt current Medicare recipients, Obama told the crowd. The cuts are aimed at health care providers, such as hospitals and medical device manufacturers, as well as waste and inefficiencies.”

That’s not a good headline for the president: “President Obama leads Mitt Romney among registered voters not likely to vote.”

“In an interview with People magazine Wednesday, Obama defended Biden, saying his running mate’s only meaning was that consumers won’t be protected if Wall Street reforms are repealed,” AP writes. ‘In no sense was he trying to connote something other than that,’ Obama said.”

“The selection of Rep. Paul Ryan (Wis.) as the Republican vice presidential candidate presents a new set of challenges” for Biden, the Washington Post writes. “Unlike four years ago, when Biden squared off against an unknown and largely untested Sarah Palin, the vice president is competing against a longtime congressman known for being a quick-minded policy expert. Now, unlike then, Biden must defend the Obama record while, associates say, keeping an eye on a potential 2016 White House bid of his own.” Biden said yesterday, “I know I’m sometimes criticized for saying exactly what I mean. It’s not going to change.”