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Obama: Priorities' negative TV ad turning heads

“The latest ad by the pro-Obama Priorities USA Action super political action committee, part of a $20 million campaign, is the most intense negative media attack yet on Romney for his 15-year stewardship of the Bain Capital private equity firm and the layoffs that sometimes resulted from the firm’s cost-cutting at its takeover targets,” the AP writes. “Soptic’s conclusion that Romney bears some blame in his wife’s death is not backed up factually in the ad.”

“The super PAC backing President Obama unveiled a brutal new ad against Mitt Romney on Tuesday that blames the Republican candidate for indirectly causing a woman's death from cancer,” the New York Daily News writes, adding, “Ads run by super PACs are typically harsher than the candidates' own campaign ads, although the Priorities USA ad called ‘Understands’ is turning heads even by those standards.”

And: “[A]ccording to a Politico report, the woman didn’t die until 2006 – years after the plant shut down and near the end of Romney’s tenure as governor of Massachusetts. Priorities USA strategist Bill Burton told Politico that her death was still related to Romney’s oversight of Bain.”  

“In 1990, basketball superstar Michael Jordan famously refused to endorse Democrat Harvey Gantt in a North Carolina Senate race, saying ‘Republicans buy shoes, too,’” the Boston Globe notes. “Twenty-two years later, Jordan is apparently no longer worried about sneaker sales. The Hall of Famer will headline a celebrity basketball game that will double as a fund-raiser for President Obama, the Obama campaign announced Tuesday. Other high-profile participants in the Obama Classic will include Patrick Ewing, Carmelo Anthony, Sheryl Swoopes, Kyrie Irving and Alonzo Mourning.”