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Veepstakes: Watch Wikipedia

Watch Wikipedia for clues? Political Wire citing Tech President: "Sarah Palin's Wikipedia page was updated at least 68 times the day before John McCain announced her selection, with another 54 changes made in the five previous days previous. Tim Pawlenty, another leading contender for McCain's favor, had 54 edits on August 28th, with just 12 in the five previous days. By contrast, the other likely picks -- Romney, Kay Bailey Hutchison -- saw far fewer changes. The same burst of last-minute editing appeared on Joe Biden's Wikipedia page, Terry Gudaitis of Cyveillance."

Going a little too far? “Even Mitt Romney's shopping cart becomes a clue when trying to solve the political world's biggest mystery,” the AP writes. “The Republican presidential candidate stopped by a supermarket near his New Hampshire vacation home to buy cases of water, Wild Cherry Pepsi and Greek yogurt. ‘I got some folks coming over today,’ Romney told reporters Monday as he loaded groceries into a black Suburban SUV. Would those guests include potential running mates? Romney's only response was laughter. He has repeatedly shrugged off questions about his vice presidential selection. But as the clock winds down before this month's Republican National Convention, political observers are grasping at the slightest hint. Once his shopping list became public, people instantly began speculating on Twitter -- half-jokingly -- about the yogurt and soda preferences of those on the vice presidential short list. Some reporters scrambled to study the travel schedules of potential contenders while others checked on how much longer Romney's wife, Ann, would spend with the family horse at the London Olympics. Romney isn't likely to make his decision public without her at his side.”