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Team Romney once again outraises Team Obama


The Romney campaign, the Republican National Committee, and the Romney victory fund have once again outraised their Obama-related counterparts.

For the month of July, Team Romney has announced raking in $101.3 million, which is down slightly from the $106.1 million it raised in June.

But that July total is more than the $75 million-plus the Obama entities -- the campaign, Democratic National Committee, and victory fund -- hauled in last month. In June, Team Obama raised some $70 million through those efforts.

We won't know the apples-to-apples fundraising comparisons for the campaigns until Aug. 20, when the July fundraising numbers are due to the Federal Election Commission.

Even though Team Romney has outraised Team Obama in recent months, the actual Obama campaign has continued to outpace the Romney campaign, while the RNC has significantly outraised the DNC.

Why are these distinctions important? Because while the campaigns do control the party and victory fund money, there are limitations in how it can be used. For example, coordinated party expenditures are limited to $21.7 million in this presidential contest.