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Obama: Birthday Boy

“President Obama marked his 51st birthday Saturday with a quiet round of golf - but revealed plans to celebrate it next weekend with a big bucks fundraiser,” the New York Daily News writes. “Obama, playing golf for the 104th time since taking office, hit the links at Andrews Air Force base before departing for a night away at Camp David. But next Sunday he will be in Chicago, hosting dozens of donors - some contest winners - at the First Family’s longtime home in Hyde Park.”

“President Barack Obama will sign a measure Monday aimed at helping veterans before heading to Connecticut to campaign for his re-election,” AP writes.

“President Barack Obama, emboldened by the Supreme Court’s affirmation of his health care overhaul, is now embracing the law while campaigning for re-election, just as Republican rival Mitt Romney steps back from it,” the AP says. “Obama sees a second chance to sell voters on the issue despite deep skepticism about it from many people. Romney is avoiding answering hard questions about how he would tackle health care, and thus missing the chance to energize voters who oppose the law.”

Bloomberg: “With the economy growing at a 1.5 percent annual pace, the odds of a recession have risen to 60 percent….”

Can disdain be genuine? Obama apparently doesn’t really like the guy he’s running against.