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2012: Gone with the Wind?

Obama leads in a new Pew poll, 51%-41%.

Iowa -- gone with the wind? “Monday's headline in the Des Moines Register seems destined to echo throughout Iowa until Election Day: ‘Lines now drawn on wind tax credit: Romney opposes it, Obama favors it,’” National Journal writes. “Rarely in presidential politics can such dichotomic declarations be made without the accompaniment of asterisks galore. But in this case, it was appropriate; the difference is truly cut and dried.”

“Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad isn't very happy that Mitt Romney opposes a one-year extension of a tax credit for wind energy,” USA Today writes. “The issue puts the presidential candidate on the other side of Branstad and Sen. Chuck Grassley, the top two Republicans in a swing state. The tax credit will cost the federal government $1.6 billion this year. In an interview today with Radio Iowa, Branstad blamed ‘confusion’ in Romney's campaign and says he'd like to speak to the candidate so he becomes ‘educated’ on the issue.”