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Obama: Still talking taxes

“Later this morning, Obama takes up taxes, urging Congress to extend the George W. Bush tax cuts for middle class Americans, while ending them for wealthy filers; Republicans want to extend all the Bush-era tax cuts, including the high-end ones,” USA Today writes. “During his remarks today, Obama ‘will be joined by middle class families and workers who would be affected if Republicans in Congress continue to hold their tax cuts hostage by insisting on massive tax cuts for the very wealthiest individuals,’ says the White House schedule.”

The Obama campaign says it has released an online map “that allows individuals to see how many middle-class families in each state would see their taxes increase under the Romney Tax Hike and how much a typical middle-class family saved in taxes during President Obama’s first term.”

“Former president Bill Clinton will headline a New York City event for Priorities USA Action, the ‘super PAC’ founded by former aides to President Obama, in August, a person with knowledge of the plans said on Thursday,” The New York Times writes.

“With just weeks to spare, the leaders of the Democratic convention are chasing last-minute contributions to fund the political gala aimed at boosting President Obama's re-election bid,” USA Today writes. “Their efforts are hampered, in part, by Obama's decision to limit direct corporate contributions and a partial union boycott of this summer's event in Charlotte. Organizers of the Republican National Convention, meanwhile, say they also are collecting money but are well on their way toward hitting their goal of raising roughly $55 million as companies, such as Hewlett-Packard and Coca-Cola help underwrite the Aug. 27-30 Republican National Convention in Tampa where Mitt Romney will accept his party's nomination.

In a sharp departure from previous conventions, Democrats have banned checks from corporations or political action committees for the convention and have imposed a $100,000 cap on donations from individuals.”

And RNC Chairman Reince Priebus is going to hit the president on Solyndra at today’s Red State conference in Jacksonville, FL. Per excerpts of his remarks, Priebus will say: “You can sum up what Obama really thinks of the middle class in one word: Solyndra. Remember this: Instead of protecting hard working Americans’ tax dollars, he paid off his political cronies.” More Priebus: “Emails released this week show the White House knew it would cost more to bail out Solyndra than to let them fail.  But they still chose Solyndra over the middle class. Solyndra got special treatment, and we got the bill. The Obama administration was so generous that the head of Solyndra called them the ‘Bank of Washington’ in one email. Solyndra got an unlimited line of credit from the Bank of Barack.”