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Romney: Mitt's excellent overseas adventure comes to an end

National Journal’s Kitfield: “For any man who would be president there are unwritten rules of foreign diplomacy. Mitt Romney seems to have internalized some, while others apparently slipped out of the briefing book on his flight across the Atlantic to debut as a potential leader of the free world.” More: Romney “added insult to injury by suggesting that the Israeli economy had outpaced the economy of the Palestinian territories because of the power of Israel’s ‘culture’ and the ‘hand of providence.’ Interjecting God and cultural superiority into an ethnic-religious conflict is never a good idea. Doing so while ignoring the obvious fact that one economy in the equation is free, and the other is under military occupation, was baffling.”

And: “Notwithstanding their widespread disappointment in President Obama, Europeans are nervous about Romney precisely because his positions remind them of George W. Bush,” said Simon Serfaty, a senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund.

Kiss my what?

“Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney says Poland’s economy is a model of small government and free enterprise that other nations should emulate as they struggle with recession. It was an unspoken criticism of President Barack Obama’s policies in the wake of the worst recession in decades,” the AP writes. “The former Massachusetts governor, wrapping up an overseas trip, says that rather than heeding ‘the false promise’ of a government-dominated economy, Poland ‘sought to stimulate innovation, attract investment, expand trade and live within its means’ after the end of the Communist era. He made the observation in remarks as he neared the end of a week-long trip marred by his own stumbles on the world stage.”

More from the AP: “Campaign officials said the visit to Poland came at the invitation of Walesa, but the current leadership of Solidarity distanced itself from the event and issued a statement critical of Romney on Monday. Solidarity characterized Romney as being hostile to unions and against labor rights. It emphasized that it had no role in organizing Romney's visit and expressed support for American labor organizations.”

The New York Daily News’ Joshua Greenman: “Mitt Romney’s trip to the United Kingdom, Israel and Poland was to be his introduction to the world, proof to America that he would be a steady hand on the foreign policy tiller. Instead, all I can say is: Oy, Mitt. Oy. Romney, as always, looked the part of President. But then he ad-libbed his way to insulting the British on the eve of the Olympics and, more seriously, denigrating the Palestinians in prepared remarks while in Israel. Flubbing a question on the London Games? Embarrassing, but no harm, no foul. In the tinderbox that is the Middle East, though, every careless spark runs the risk of doing lasting damage.”

The Daily News in another item: “He's angered the Brits, infuriated the Palestinians, and now he’s going after the Russians. Globe-trotting GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney was expected Tuesday to deliver a Cold War-type smackdown of the Russkies — and, by extension, President Obama — with a ‘value of liberty’ speech at Warsaw University.”

The Guardian headlines that Romney is looking to “rekindle cold war spirit.”

Romney acknowledged that economic sanctions on Iran have had an effect. “[T]here is the suggestion that the economic sanctions, particularly some of those put in place by Europe, where they have really tightened the screws very aggressively, that those economic sanctions are having a significant impact on the economy of Iran,” he said on FOX, per GOP 12. “Has that dissuaded them from their nuclear program? I don’t believe so.”